Debacle at Target

It has been an interesting day for me today, and while I don’t frequently share these little incidents (mainly because they are horribly embarrassing and happen way too frequently), I felt this one was crazy enough to do so.

On my lunch hour, I was simply going to run to Target and pick up a few things: diapers, wipes, bananas, a colander to replace the two that had mysteriously vanished in the black hole of my house…

I had made my way almost through the entire store, picking up this and that..(about $277 dollars worth of this and that actually: am I the only one this happens to?). Somewhere along the way I lost a contact; I spent 10 minutes looking for light bulbs, climbed a shelf to get at diapers, and finally made my way through product to the checkout line.

Half-blind and shoulder aching, I got to the end of putting my items onto the conveyor belt and suddenly realized my purse was gone.


Did someone steal it? Did I leave it somewhere? To say I was horribly panicked and freaking out is an understatement.

I went to the car to see if I left it in there – even though I was sure I hadn’t – nope. Touched base with Customer Service – ran freakishly through the store multiple times trying to figure out if I had dropped it. Store security was going through camera footage; other random customers were trying to help me look.

I called my husband, could not get him on the line, and called my Mother-in-law too. I was at 1% of phone battery remaining and dialing like a mad woman.

While I was talking to security got a text that my husband (a banker by trade – and one who had not called me first) had cancelled my credit cards. He was working his way diligently through all fraud prevention measures possible on my behalf.

Dejectedly, I sat on the bench next to security and watched as my phone turned itself off.

Well, shoot. (I didn’t really say ‘shoot’ I confess but this is not about my bad habits.)

I decided to pass through the store one more time. 3/4 of the way through I found a cart containing 3 items I had put into it, and my bright, beautiful purse sitting mockingly in the front.

I had swapped carts unknowingly.

I reported my find sheepishly to Target personnel, waved at my lonely grocery cart of items, and slunk out of the store with my purse and dead phone.

Just a typical lunch hour in the life of this balancinggal….

Too bad Target doesn’t sell brains… then again, wouldn’t have been able to purchase them anyway!

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