#Valentine’s Day: an open love letter

Dear Whosoever Might Be Reading:

Perhaps you got a beautiful card today, or gifts or flowers.

I hope you did. You should have. If you did not, well even if you did, I offer this small token.

Please know you are unique and special. There is no other you. Whether you realize it or nor, you have everything to offer the world, and impact every life you touch in some way and with each gesture of kindness you make.

Every day I hope you see your own blessings and find ways to share who you are with the universe.

I don’t know you, but we are connected by the family human. We are parts of a whole life experience.

Please give a smile to the next passerby (you never know – it could be me) and look at me when I walk by you – because I notice these things and they create invisible bonds between us. A simple kindness can change my entire day, and I appreciate you for it!

Just for today, whoever you are, know you are loved. Thank you for being a part of my world!



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