A letter to the Passive Aggressive

Dear Passive Aggressive:

I would like to formally file a complaint. You will note I am stating directly that at present I am unhappy with you. Let me be clear: I think your communication skills are ineffective at best, and are a giant drain on my mental processing capacity to boot.

I know you are unhappy with me: I am a woman with not insignificant ability to read social cues. Your snippy tone on the phone is noted, your attitude rife with snark carefully observed.

I am over-tired, psychically drained and have no free time as it is. I am running on coffee and a prayer. I am worried enough about my own problems, including how to get the baby barf I just discovered on my shoulder off before my 9 am meeting, and don’t have the time to decipher the signals you are throwing my way. I am not going to play this guessing game. I have given up enough of my sanity as it stands and I have no more to spare.

Don’t get me wrong: I probably care about what you think, and would love to address whatever the problem is as quickly as possible. I would like to make amends. But right now my mind is covering a job, two kids, a husband and the fact that I am apparently wearing two different shoes, so if you have a problem with me, please spit it the hell out so we can both move on without further drama. I want to be there for you, but I am human and make mistakes. Can you please just tell me honestly what’s on your mind and save us both some time and angst?

Now if you will excuse me, I have to find my keys. Again.

With Great Sincerity,

One thought on “A letter to the Passive Aggressive

  1. Great writing… I can relate to much as a once working-currently-unemployed-stay-at-home-mom of four…Have actually worn two different shoes to work–didn’t notice till I went to the bathroom. Ahhh, motherhood. You keep writing…we’re reading.

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