The Magic of actually Opening your Eyes to Nature

Rushing to the grocery store this morning at 6 a.m. (we were out of food yet again and the baby needed milk) my brain was on a million different things, including my woes. I hadn’t slept, I had work waiting for me at the office, and I was driving like an automaton. Suddenly I looked up from a stoplight and saw – this.

Tentative but bright beams of sunlight pushed themselves past dark violet clouds. The sky, alternately shiny blue, milky white and pale yellow over the dark trees heralded the new day. I took in the long, empty road in front of me and an expanse of quiet all around.

It was enough to make me stop to take a breath – and a picture. The sight soothed my bloodshot eyes, and pulled a grin from my otherwise grim countenance. My day improved by about 102% in a moment’s time – or at least my state of mind did, as I gratefully drank in the beauty around me.

Sometimes, it takes just the smallest little things to put us in a better place and a better frame of mind if we simply look up every now and then. Take the time to open your eyes, and ignore your iPhone or laptop. Stare at a tree. Make an effort to look at what wonders are out there. Just really being present to your world and connecting with it for a few moments can transform an entire day and set you up for the win you so justly deserve or the peace you so desperately need.

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