Early Morning Debacles of the Embarrassing Kind

I woke this morning before 5am, as is becoming normal for me. I went into the bathroom, starting to get ready to take a shower and I realized my iPhone was at 1% of battery life. Instantly panicked (as anyone as phone-dependent as I am quickly becomes at this status) I brought my phone over to the outlet in the bedroom and plugged it in. I started checking my email, etc. and the next thing I knew, ended up working on a blog post for www.mischiefofminions.com (my other blog, more kiddie-focused: feel free to check it out!).

My husband discovered me still there when he woke up 40 minutes later.

“Um – whatcha doing?” he asked.

Distracted, I mumbled something about it being Garbage Day, and hadn’t he go take care of it?

My husband walked out of the room. Realizing suddenly he had to go into the office early today and feeling a little guilty, I started to get up to help him.

Except – I couldn’t. From the stupid position I had been sitting it, both of my legs had completely fallen asleep and I hadn’t even noticed until I tried to unwrap them. Sharp tiny pins and needles of pain shot up my body at the slightest movement.

I called to my husband. He walked back into the room, looking at me as I tried to unwind.

“Um, honey? My legs are both asleep..?” I said this, hoping for help.

Instead, he sort of smirked and pointed to the bed and said “well, lay down?” (as if the solution were obvious) and started to walk away.

“Um – the problem is that I don’t think I can really walk over to the bed??”

My dearest beloved spouse just stood there, unmoving, and watched me again attempt to get up again and stumble over to the bed, seeming far too amused at my discomfort and awkwardness. I can only imagine I looked like a deer trying to stand for the first time, except, well, exceedingly less coordinated and graceful than the deer might have been. It also, I might add, hurt like heck.

I also might have also been a little less clothed than the deer, as I had, as previously mentioned, been meaning to go take a shower. I am sure this improved the overall effect greatly.

I swore under my breath, and tried again.

Eventually, after a good deal of wobbling and trying to make my feet cooperate, I made it to the bed and managed my way up, glaring at him. It only made him laugh more. There would be no sympathy for me on this Garbage Day. I got under the covers, rolled over, and pointedly ignored him while plotting my revenge.

Mornings are such fun around here!

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