The Evolution of Dreams

I have always thought it important to have both dreams and  goals.  For much of my life, that was difficult to articulate: I am one for who most of those dreams have always been a little hazy and insubstantial…with a few exceptions:

  1. Have Children (check). I guess that might seem silly being that I am a woman and purportedly such things are a biological imperative. For me though, it meant doing a lot of growing up, before I was even ready to consider such things (I include marriage to a great guy in there too). That took 35 years…and I still sometimes wonder if one can feel simultaneously 12 and 40 and still be an effective parent. I hope so: in my own estimation it is probably the thing I do best.
  2. Write a book, write…something. (Half Check) I guess you could count blog efforts as a something, but if I look at the spirit versus the verbiage, I am not there yet. I do, however, give myself credit for starting… again.
  3. Visit England and meet John Cleese (I am a giant fan of Cleese, Fawlty Towers, and all things Monty Python, and have many of the sketches memorized). Still Very Unchecked: I suppose I’d best get on that one whilst Mr. Cleese can still do his funny walks without drooling on himself.
  4. Visit the island of Murano in Italy. (No progress) I am a giant lover of color, the more vibrant the better. To see where they create millefiori Would. Be. Amazing… like seeing the creation of a Renoir that can capture and twist the sun’s light to its will.
  5. Jump out of a plane (uncheck) over something beautiful: still hope to do that someday, maybe with my kids before I am am to old to consider such things without breaking a hip.
  6. Live near the water or the mountains: I’ve accepted my Midwestern lot in life. I suspect oceans and elevation will remain mine in vacations or dreams alone.  Maybe my kids will be successful and buy me a condo in Boca if I am a good mommy.

Now that I am older, wiser, and have a lot of other people to take into consideration in my life, I find my dreams and goals  a bit more practical my dreams are getting more specific and less romantic.  They are a little more focused and have intention behind them:

1. To figure out a way to travel with my kids so their world view isn’t limited to their hometown.

2. To instill in my children the love of reading my grandmother so nurtured in me.

3. To become truly self-confident so I can pass it on.

4. To learn to curb my fishwife ways so that my worst habits and poor language are not spread.

5. To become organized, so that I don’t waste anymore time on stupid things and have more with my family.

6. To be not the coolest mom, but one both respected and loved.

7. To figure out the magic recipe for removing peanut butter stains from shirts.

8. To physically be able to sleep in on the rare occasion life allows such luxury.

9. To walk 5 miles without stopping regularly, and then to run it.

10. To be content and happy where I am and as I am, and to not give that up for anyone or because of anything.

11. Repay in some fashion, both my mother and my mother in law: the first for raising me and the second for helping to raise my children.

I figure if I can manage even half of the second list, I’d take it over anything on the first past the number one. That one is mine for keeps.



What are your dreams?  Have they changed at all as you’ve grown up?

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